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Relieving the burden of textbook purchases

The objective was to establish a lending library of textbooks at Madurai Gandhi N.M.R. Subbaraman College for Women. Students would borrow the textbooks for the duration of the semester.

Madurai Gandhi N.M.R.Subbaraman College for Women was inaugurated on Aug/2010 to serve the educational needs of economically disadvantaged girls. Based on a formal request for support, our board objectively evaluated the needs and established this project benefiting 450-500 students from five degree programs every year. More information about the college at

Supporters of this project are relieving the burden of textbook purchases for the underprivileged students while ensuring that same benefit continues for more students in the subsequent semesters.

This project was a huge success thanks to all of our donors. Some of the pictures of the newly established library are available in the below image gallery.



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