Medical Services

Undertaken by a team of physician and medical staff volunteers led by 
Dr. Gokulnath Premchand.

To support the charitable medical services offered in the rural areas of Madurai and at Om Sakthi Seva Scans & Lab Madurai. 

Sourashtra Dhaan Organization is supporting the efforts of Dr. Gokulnath Premchand and his team of volunteer physicians in the following areas:

  1. Medical camps in remote areas of Madurai by a team of volunteer physicians

  2. Om Sakthi Seva Scans & Labs center in Madurai

  3. In-patient services coordinated by the team

Dhaan is helping to bridge the financial gaps so that the team can provide continuous services to the community. Dhaan will:

  1. Support the initial cash flow needs for the Chakkimangalam medical camp with Rs. 15,000.

  2. Support annual preventive maintenance of Rs. 30,000 for the scan equipment.  

  3. Build a savings fund with a reserve Rs. 125,000 to pay for any repair work needed for any of the equipment in the lab.

  4. Building a savings fund with a reserve Rs. 30,000 to pay for expenses to run recurring camps at Chakkimangalam.

This project is owned by Dhaan's Medical chapter in Atlanta led by Mr. Ganesh Ananthu. The project helps deliver medical care to underprivileged members of the Sourashtra community who can not afford quality medical care.  

Project completed in June 2019.



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